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    My wife has 600 monster ducati.
    Ihave srx 400, wr 400 yams, and a peugot speedfight/ two.
    My eldest son has a suzuki dr 200 american off road only type.
    my small boy has a malaguti 50 fitted with a peugot speedfight 100 engine, yes it is the scariest of all our bikes.


    Nice family collection there. How old is your lad? Just wondering at what age they can start biking.

    Most kids nag to go to McDonalds not upgrade their engine capacity! Good on yer[;)]


    small lad is 10
    big lad is 13
    both bin riding since about 4 years old small lad rides sometimes thimk he still rather have maccy deez
    elder lad rides as often as poss normly once a fortnight


    Hi cookeye, good to know that the family are into their bikes. I was only 4yrs old when my dad gave me a ride on his Matcheless.Throughout my life I’ve been around the biking scene. I recently discovered, that my Grandad was a biker, and my aunt and uncle are currently travelling around New Zealand on a motorbike. So you could say its in the blood! My husband is the pilot of our FZX 750.

    No1 ride, our FZX750

    GSF K1

    Just what more parents should do. Give the kids an interest. I have a photo of myself on the back of my dads CD175, I must have been about 11, with a white plastic open faced skid-lid, nylon jacket and school grey shorts. Later he got a CB250 (wet) dream, which I still went pillion on, then he got an XBR500.. bloody uncomfortable thing that was…. so I got my own CB125TB.

    To “ERR” is natural.. to really fowl things up needs a politician!!


    No real history of biking in my family. My sister had a C90, which I have posted about. My brother in law has a Yamaha Thunderace but only got into biking seriously about 7/8 years ago.
    My brother, who is 7 years my senior, is now muttering about taking his bike test.

    Donate – Or Imperial Data will have you sorted!


    Hi ther. good selection there.My first experience of bikes was my fathers moped?can’t mind the make but can remember pedalling like heck to get it goin.But once it was off it was rather nippy for a kid of12yrs.Only rcently have i had the funds to have a bike of my own and love it ‘still a rookie can see my bike on members bikes thanks to katana….SAFE RIDING ALL.[B)]

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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