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    A wounded ex-serviceman has completed a month-long journey which saw him ride his motorbike from Afghanistan to West Sussex.

    Chris Short started in Kabul, riding through Kazakhstan to Georgia, then Turkey and into western Europe, crossing three deserts along the way.

    The former Royal Marine, who works as a security consultant in Afghanistan, reached Goodwood earlier.

    The 4,500 mile (7,242 km) journey, across 17 countries, took 32 days.

    Mr Short said his ride was “fantastic, wonderful and terrifying”.

    “The geography of the place is completely wonderful and beautiful, many of the people you meet are just the same,” he said.

    “The roads are appalling and the driving standards are non-existent.

    “When you’re on a motorcycle you’re quite vulnerable.”

    Mr Short was accompanied by his support driver Domenic Senger-Schenck, and cameraman Laurence Cameron.

    The aim was to raise money for Mission Motorsport, a charity that helps injured servicemen recover and learn new skills.

    Mr Short ended his journey at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

    “It was hard, it was meant to be hard, that was the challenge,” he said.

    “I would have been disappointed had it not been.”

    Mr Short said he would take two or three days off before flying back to Afghanistan and returning to work.

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