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    I’m not trying to cause trouble or anything but I seem to be getting caught out by these idiots so I thought we will have a list of names and reasons why not to deal with these people to try and save others from the hassle.

    Feel free to add your own.

    First up:

    TRX-GIRL, the username of a machine shop in Durham, they do titanium parts to what looks like a high standard but when asked to turn me an ally spacer for my £13 what I received was rubbish, I asked for near to bang on tolerances. Everything was 0.3mm too big so it didn’t fit properly. They were very rude even though I didn’t ask for my money back.

    ESTANOVICI, Buyer from Italy, asked me to settle out of eBay, even though the item had sold, then wouldn’t stop sending me messages.

    E bike parts(not sure of eBay name) lists things dodging fees then prices items at about three times what they should be and then ended up being quite rude.

    SPLINT100, CKE1969, VES_PER, all three are the same person, he admitted to having about 5 accounts, when a part I was selling got broken I pulled the listing, this guy kicked off sending very abusive messages from all three accounts, (I was receiving at least ten messages a day) reported him to eBay for harassment, obviously eBay did nothing. I had 15 items listed for sale, this idiot bid on all of them, I cancelled the bids but it still let him put them all on again, he ended up winning 7 and didn’t pay for any obviously then left negative feedback killing my spotless feedback that I had had for 8 years, reduced me to 20%. ended up blocking every account. eBay still did nothing.

    MARCODEMAGALHAES1976, won my item, didn’t pay for it, no messages no nothing, opened a case and it was ignored. Obviously didn’t Wang the item even though it was only £9 :p


    That’s some unfortunate dealing there Ben. I know Italy is often mentioned on the blacklist of shipping destinations, wasn’t sure exactly why though until I searched it:


    Seems they have stringent import duties and corrupt officials (shock!) together with lots of paperwork to fill out, frequent lost items and lots of scammers. Otherwise it’s fine  ;D


    touch wood I’ve not had any issues buying or selling on ebay except from a few sellers not being bothered to leave feedback.
    I don’t like selling on there tho as its a right pain in the bum with all the ebay fees and then bloody paypal taking a second cut too!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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