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    was a pile of pants to be totally honest. it was a daft decision with sitting in traffic making my 3 hours sleep the night before feel really good. i wont lie, i have little interest in steam engines and stuff but where theres old stuff theres bound to be nice cars and old bikes so was decent but theres one thing and one thing alone that made going (and the £8 entrance fee) totally worth arriving at stupid o’clock in the morning for. And that just so happened to be an old Rolls Royce Merlin engine bolted to a trailer with a prop on it too. and of course they started it up as well. i didnt even know there were any running original engines in this country so was obviously surprised to see one and didnt think for one minute i would be able to hear it running. it was probably the highlight of my year which sounds a bit sad but its been a quiet year and obviously never thought i would hear one going for it out of a film setting.

    all in all a good day and was going to get a video of the beasty running but the sound would have been balls on my phone so thought there would be no point. also would have been sweet if they had like ten running ;) but no such luck.


    That does sound like it was worth going for :) Bet the sound was just amazing!


    IU have a bt of passion for WW2 aircraft and anything powered by a Merlin in particular:

    Is this what you saw:



    oh yeah!! it is indeed what i saw with the same man :O theres nothing like the prop throwing loads of grass in your face while youre trying not to smile at the immense situation :D


    Wow, that’s very cool  8)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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