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    I am enjoying my RD a great deal, but I would be telling porkies if I said it was in perfect condition.

    So I am toying with the idea of getting the old girl restored….

    1. Fairing and paintwork

    Repair all the myriad cracks and chunks missing from the fairing
    Repaint the whole bike (in standard colours), as the tank is a bit tired and the graphics are for a N1 rather than a F1

    2. Re-coat the wheels

    Get redone as they are looking a little tired. I will have it done properly…polished rims etc

    I have been to a well renowned RD specialist not far from where I live and quoted around £800 for this work, if I strip the bike down and take it to them…I don’t think that is too bad

    3. Get the engine set-up to be running more crisply

    She is a bit grumply lower down the rev range and I think there is a little more top end to come too. The engine is basically sound though, so I am only looking at a decent service and some detail setting up of carbs, powervalves etc

    A mate of Ses310 is a bit of a wizz with RDs, so might gethim to do the work here

    4. General sorting

    The fastneres are a bit of a hotch potch so I might go for a new set all reound, and get the engine cases recaoted/painted too
    The fork legs could do with a polish, but I want to preserve the the origianl stickers
    Would like to get the correct F1 pipes fitted as it is running F2 beancans at the moment.
    Some minor bits and bobs are missing too

    The target would be to start the work in October and have the bike ready for next summer. I want a smart, original example not a show pony

    Any thoughts?


    I think do it! For what you gave for the bike I don’t think you’ll lose any money, and you’ll have a lovely bike at the end :)


    Have a chat with dave addis, met him a few years ago he is based in bromsgrove area, he’s done quite a bit of ‘end of lease’ repairs for me and work mates, great quality of work. Does custom and standard paint jobs, helmet designs etc, and for a competitive price.

    07756 534290


    yeah get it done. or save 800 bar and do some of it yourself :)


    I won’t do the paint work, I want it to be spot on. But I will remove and re-fit it to the bike myself.

    The engine work will be done first to ensure that the bike is spot on mechanically before blowing a load of dosh on the cosmetics


    I look forward to the project mate :)


    All being well the first stage, the mechanical sort, should get underway in teh next few weeks. Looking forward to it. The cosmetics may have to wait a while as it now seems my car-port and gargae need to be re-roofed…££££

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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