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    Yamaha XJ Diversion 1995 era.

    What can the good people tell me about this bike as I’ve seen one for a fair old price and it looks to be in good nick.
    Nice big size to suit me, not entirely unsporting, but what about performance, how would it work out as a new bike for a first time big bike rider?
    All the info I can get on this bike would be really appreciated [:)]

    If the idea of a ZXR400 falls through I will probably look to get one of these (restricted to 33bhp)

    That’s if I like what hear


    Reasonable machine, but detail finish can be poor. So watch for corroded fixings and eizing brake calipers. Some have been uised by couriers and knock up big miles. Watch you don’t get stuck with one of those



    Nice one mate!
    I’m pleased with the general Idea from the reviews on that site, looks like if it’s not gunna be a ZXR it’s gunna be a XJ :D

    (Cheap to buy, and insure, fairly easy to live with, and at my stage in life that’s the perfect bike)

    Cheers mate :)

    GSF K1

    The 600 Diversion is quite tame.. low tech and low power.

    Agree with the finish detail. I’ve seen alot that have been out in alot of winters and they dont take to salt corrosion at all well (worst than many).
    Engines are solid as they’re not highly stressed, but breaks can be a problem if not routinely maintained.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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