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    A man seriously hurt when he hit a cow while on his motorbike in Derbyshire is still dealing with the effects.

    Ben Roberts, from Chesterfield, suffered a collapsed lung and brain haemorrhage and has not regained his memory of the weeks after the crash.

    He recently received a “substantial” payout over the accident between Matlock and Chesterfield in April 2011.

    The farmer, who disputes responsibility, said he did all he could to secure fences.

    Mr Roberts was returning from work late at night when he hit the animal, damaging his shoulder as he went through the motorbike’s windshield.

    “It was the police that found me because they were called by another driver who almost collided with the same cow,” he said.

    “I lost about five or six weeks. I try not to think about it too much but it is fairly confusing to lose so much of your life.

    “I have no recollection of the crash and that time afterwards.”

    Mr Roberts said he did not want to disclose the exact sum of compensation but said it was “enough to cover the injuries and any long term problems I may have”.

    Farmer Richard Gill, whose insurers previously had to pay a four figure sum to a driver who hit an escaped buffalo, insists he does all he can to prevent problems.

    “We farm over 1,000 head of cattle on over 1,000 acres,” he said. “There is very little we can do apart from our best.

    “All of our fields are fenced, they are all electrified, all the fields are checked daily by staff.

    “When cows get out as a result of footpath gates being left open or motorists backing into walls, there is very little we can do.”

    While admitting one of his cows was out on the night of Mr Roberts’ accident, Mr Gill claimed other farmers’ animals had also escaped.



    Sorry but either way whether the farmer knew his cow was out he should able to be sued for it.


    Katgana had his first crash with a cow…

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