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    I was originally intending to go out for longer ride with Thumper, but couldn’t get my sh!t together this morning at all. In the end I just had a quick blast on the Thundercat to Quattford (again…yawn…)

    As usual the old girl fired up easily, I got 3 or 4 miles up the 442 and decided to head back home, the bike was not handling right. Checked the tyre pressures and there was only 30psi in the front and 25psi in the rear. Sorted that out and set off again…much better!

    I was surprised at how bikes were out and there were maybe 30 or more bikes at the cafe of all shapes sizes and ages.

    Thundercat at the cafe…

    It is the law and salad is out of season…

    Good to get out, I think that is three weekends on the trot, not bad for the winter!

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