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    Sex Doll Rafting Competitor Disqualified For ‘Apparatus’ Abuse?

    ST. PETERSBURG, Russia — A participant of the annual sex doll rafting tournament near St. Petersburg, Russia, has been disqualified for doing more than rafting on his sex doll,

    The first tournament took place in 2003, sponsored by a number of Russian sex shops.

    According to Zizn’ newspaper, Igor Osipov was not able to control his sexual desire, even in the cool water of the Vuoksa River.

    Osipov was one of more than 400 Russian “sportsmen” took part in the 4th annual Bubble Baba Challenge tournament.

    “It’s fun and difficult to swim 1,200 meters in a stormy river with an exotic apparatus, as the inflatable ladies slip out of hands,” said tournament organizer Dmitriy Bulaviniv.

    At a jury’s command, participants jumped into the water, but strong winds and the powerful flow of the Vuoksa snatched the wet, inflatable sex dolls from strong men’s hands. Soon, only the 40-year-old Osipov was resolutely clinging to his sex doll raft as he neared the finish line.

    That’s when the jury noticed Osipov’s strange rafting position and told him to moor. When he came out of the water, gazers saw signs of recent sexual activity on his inflatable sex doll.

    Although the rafting contest requires sex dolls to be used, they can only be used for swimming and rafting. Accordingly, the jury found the swimmer guilty of sexual abuse of his “apparatus” and disqualified him.

    “I was shocked,” said a friend of Osipov. “I think it was an expression of his great desire to win.”



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