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    An old family friend of Thumper and ours can no longer ride bikes, his last regular ride was a Diversion 900 some ten years ago, but he still has a passion for all things two wheels. So it was a pleasure to pop up to Chester in company with Thumper and his brother in law on the bikes, so he could take a look and and just chew the fat for a bit. Their families are very close and he used to ride with Thumper’s Dad back in day. The story of when, back in 1985, Thumper and me let them loose on our pair of RD350’s remains a story of legend!

    We all met up at mine, Thumper had his wife with him as did Steve his brother law, so they were on a GS1200 BMW and Yamaha TDM900 respectively. First halt was at Quattford, the bikers cafe, Steve has not been before so it was a good chance to show him the place. After dealing with the most dippy waitress on the planet we managed to enjoy a cuppa and a salad sandwich. Amongst the interesting bikes parked up there today were a diesel Royal Enfield and, of course, not one but TWO Suzuki GT750s!

    Ready for the off

    Steve wearing my Sidi gloves circa 195, it was colder than it looked and his summer gloves were a bit thin

    Diesel Enfield

    Twin triples…

    Everybody now happy we headed for Chester along the A458, a fast open road that cuts through some classically English countryside…lush, rolling hills, patchwork fields and rivers meandering through valleys. A joy to beyond as well as to ride in other words. Worcestershire and Shropshire are truly two jewels in the English crown, and largely undiscovered by the tourist hoards thank goodness. The final section on the A41 was also good fun, but towards the end we had to filter past several miles of standing traffic approaching some road works.

    Broken down RD spotted on route

    We rolled up on Keith’s drive and despite not been to well he was out of the blocks like Usain Bolt to check out the bikes and shoot the wind. He and his lovely wife made us most welcome and provided a slap up lunch for us. Old stories were retold, pictures of old family holidays viewed, but all too soon it was time to head home.

    Keith was glad to be back amongst the bikes once more

    We took a different route home, taking the northern section of the A483, which while not a bad road, cannot really be compare to the Newtown to Crossgates section. Nonetheless we had a great ride back, Steve and Deb splitting off at Owestry while Thumper and picked up the A458 yet again for a fun ride back towards Kidderminster, another brief tea halt near Harley and then Thumper and I split at Bridgnorth.

    Yet another tea halt

    Picture really doesn’t do the views justice, but it gives a flavour I suppose

    In the great tradition Thumper managed to run out of fuel on the way home, the trip computer saying he had 24 miles left…with no Champs to help him this time he had to push 240kg of the finest German technology half a mile to the nearest petrol station!   

    Another cracking days riding and good to see some old friends



    Lovely run – Debs was buzzing when we got back: enjoyed her 270 mile re-introduction to the joys of pillion riding. Her last outing was when I took her out on my Z650, 25 years ago (when we were just friends…).
    Now I need to take her to Bikers Paradise to get her kitted out with proper boots (her furry ones aren’t waterproof), kevlar jeans and a warm jacket. The American football quarter-back wants his jacket back….

    Our route back after we split with Radar & Thumper bisected Wenlock Edge and Long Myndd – beautiful. We were in the groove, so ignored the call of Ludlow Castle cafe coffee and got back to the Forest in good time. A great day.


    Mrs Thumper had a great time too, as did I
    Scenery was lovely, and the bikes really went well, -when they had petroleum that is!
    I burnt a few calories pushing the GS to the shell garage in Wolverhampton!
    24miles or the equivalent of 1/2 gallon showing on range computer….tut tut
    I still should not have trusted it though with its previous bad form, and 175 miles 2 up under our belt – just really annoying. I guess Moscow wasn’t too far for the Germans either!

    So good to see our family friends also, and a great reason for all of you guys to get on her bike a visit someone you haven’t seen for a while!


    Thumper, how about visiting your cousin Theresa in Brittany then? Before Craig sells his Harley… We’re certainly up for it.

    Are your girls going away at all this summer? If so, that’s when we can go…. :)


    Enjoyed reading this, only just back from hols abroad so I missed the brief interlude from the rain in the UK  :(

    Lovely run… the American football quarter-back wants his jacket back



    Two good weekends: we were truly blessed….. 8)

    Now watching the rain lashing down outside, trawling eBay to find parts to supermoto the TDM so I can get up our steep slippery drive when it’s wet….


    The memory of my petite wife in an XXL jacket still makes me laugh….

    Warm, but not particularly cool…..  ;D

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