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    I had a couple of great ride outs last weekend, one on my 550 the other on the MV. The weather was superb and the roads quiet. Blessed with good weather too. I was on my own and just had a good, chilled time as I took in the 10th Worcester Festival of Motoring on the Saturday and the Ludlow Spring Festival on the Sunday…good times!

    First port of call was Worcester, where classic cars and bikes were on display in and around the town centre

    This just made me smile

    I can remember a time when of would have been less pleased to see this old Jag…

    The Kawasaki Zephyr is now considered a classic in its’ own right…this gleaming example is a 750

    Lovely Triumph twin

    Just in case you didn’t know what BSA stands for…

    The display of vehicles included all the usual classic car suspects from Austin, Jag, Alfa etc and I enjoyed my wonder around in the sun. There were events going on down by the river too so I made my way there…

    I parked up next to this wonderfully worn Vincent combination

    The riverside in Worcester on sunny day is a wonderful place to be

    Worcester Uni students put on a free live music show. This lot murdered ‘Do you wanna be my girl’ by Jet, but improved noticeably as the set went on thank God!

    I enjoyed the 550 in the sunshine as I meandered home

    I was rather startled when this WW2 vintage half-track rolled up. It had seen action in North Africa and Italy in 1943-5. Today it was out on the cake run…I got chatting to the owner: He and three mates had just popped out to the local cake shop in it for a laugh!

    Day two of my local odyssey and I am riding the MV on my way to the ever gorgeous town of Ludlow in Shropshire. It was a delight to ride there on this gently sunny day. The bike is running sweet as nut, the roads are quiet and the views stunning under crystal blue skies…

    The town was holding the annual spring fair and as part of the events there was a classic car show, a beer festival, an artisan food show and live music in the grounds of the partially ruined and rather beautiful castle…

    MV parked up in the market square

    Scooters may not be your bag, but they are redolent of a time and place in our joint history. These were beautifully built examples. I rather suspect that back in the 1960’s that they were not so immaculately finished. They smelt great as they pulled away en-mass too

    A suitably ‘rocker’ antidote to the ‘mod’ power above!

    Ford V8 chop with Nitrous anybody??

    Classic cars in the castle bailey

    Yamaha XS1100 combo in Martini colours…not sure to be honest, not sure at all

    Be rude not to at a beer festival…just a half as I was riding….it went down rather well

    The Jamaican Ska band The Regulators proved popular with the crowd, lots of UB40 and Bob Marley…

    While we are on the combo theme, this rather more prosaic but very sensible BMW provided a counterpoint to the Vincent and Yamaha offerings I saw earlier

    Then back to my lovely MV for a highly enjoyable ride home

    An eclectic and highly enjoyable weekend of riding and never more than 25 miles from home!


    Looks fantastic. Really good pics and a great range of stuff turned out on the day.

    How much of a leap forward is your MV’s styling compared to that XS combo? Less is most definitely more.

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