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    Thumper recently passed a bit of a landmark age wise recently and one of his many pressies was a ticket to the Donington round of the British Superbike championship. Rather than let him go on his own a few of us decided to join the old duffer and keep him company!
    I left Kidderminster on my Thundercat shrouded in a cold mist and fog, but the sun was working on it and by the time I was meeting up with the others, the outlook was much brighter…excellent.
    Also joining Thumper on his GS were Toggs (07 Blade), Dunc (01 ZX9R), Rocket Ron (RSV) and Togg’s 18 year old son Joe on his YBR125. This was Joe’s first big group ride and one of the first times he had ridden any real distance with his Dad, so a couple of landmarks there. Good to see a father and son out together, but it did mean we had to take the back roads to Donington rather than the M42/A42 and keep speeds to a sensible (ish) level.

    The birthday boy sporting a T shirt that sums things up nicely…

    Gathering the troops

    We picked our way to Donington with Thumper leading on his GS, Joe tucked in behind and I took up the position of sweeper at the back. By now the sun was in full command of the situation and the ride was completed under blue skies as we passed through the charming north Midland countryside. The bike park was filling fast, and the queue to get in getting longer. Poor old Rocket Ron was bursting so he elected to take a pee in the hedge next to the bike park. Just in time for a van load of coppers to come past beeping their horn. He was let off due to lack of evidence…

    Once in the track we quickly found a good vantage point over looking Craner curves and with a good view of the lunge into Redgate. We were also opposite a big screen to catch the action elsewhere on the circuit

    Thumper was treated to a grand days racing with  Superbikes headlining. James Ellison and Shaky Byrne winning the two races for Kawasaki. There were supporting Superstock 1000/600 races too and another with nothing but howling Moriwaki 250s…they were so loud! For me the best race was for Moto3 and 125cc 2 stroke bikes. This had some of the best battles and certainly smelt the best!

    We had a great spot to catch the action

    We watched action under crystal blue skies, and basking in near 20C temps. Thumper properly enjoyed himself which is the main thing.

    What can be better than an ice cream on glorious sunny day? TWO ice creams of course!

    The ride back was fun as we lost Toggs for a while in the throng of bikes making their out of the circuit at once. Rocket Ron nearly ran of fuel on his RSV too. Joe rode commendably all day on his 125 and was going well through the twisty stuff, reminding me of Thumper and his legendary exploits on his SRX400 a few years back.

    Joe and the mighty 125, God help us when he gets some horespower under him!

    Toggs eventually found us again!

    Rocket Ron just about made it to the pumps

    We rounded off a highly enjoyable day with a swift shandy in a local pub before all heading our separate ways.

    Happy birthday Thumper!

    Happy birthday Thumper, here’s to many more!


    Looked a cracking day! Will make the next one


    It really was a cracking day, got a bit tomato faced in the sun!
    Thanks for a fab Birthday presey Duncan and the boys – getting a half century up is having some great rewards!
    Nice write up too Radar, as ever
    Loved it all :-)

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