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    Hi there im a young rider, but i like classic bikes, ive been offered a BSA Bantam ridgid 1955 model for £1100 is it worth it, and are they reliable runners.
    Basically should i buy this bike?


    1. Is it in good condition?
    2. Do the engine number/frames number match with the log book.
    3. Is it original.
    4. Any MOT
    5. Any history, owners, restoration records etc?

    They are from a similar bloodline to the MZ, the British got the designs during the aftermath of WW2 apparently.
    They are very simple machines and in the context of old classic bikes they are reasonably reliable. Do not confuse this with reliablity in the context of modern Japanese and some european brands like BMW and Triumph.

    As for the price, it doesn’t sound too bad, but I am no expect on this.

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    Rigids are okay but what are the roads like round you?If they,re not so clever you,ll soon get fed up at having no rear suspension[:(]
    I picked up a B175 bantam a couple of years ago for £250 which was very pretty……………..but swapped it for a jap bike cos some tw*t had put the brake and gear foot controls on the wrong side of the Bantam[:D]

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    I had a D1 but with Plunger “suspension”.

    For 1100 quid it should be a very good fully road legal one. It should have 40 years of documentation with it including the original buff coloured log book. You need this to check to see if the frame no , engine no and reg no are all original. Make sure that the numbers on the buff log book match those on the new V5 and those on the bike- if they don’t then knock off at least £500.There are a lot of bitza’s (bikes made up from parts – original and pattern).

    If you buy it I would suggest the following:

    Join the BSA Bantam owners club

    Remember that the bike is 50 years old and things will go wrong – so be prepared to “fettle” it at weekends.

    Do not expect it to keep up with modern 125’s (unless you tune it ALOT)

    Convert it to electronic ignition (about £40)- you’ll thank me it the winter and it stops you changing/adjusting the points (that run at full engine speed) every week or so

    Saying all that they are nice a simple bikes to get you into classics with an excellent owners club and a good spares backup. The insurance should be cheap s well.

    If you need any more info then give me a ring (I’ll PM you my number)

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    Got to agree with the electronic ignition bit and the Bantam Owners Club are a very friendly lot ,they,ll help you a hell of a lot if you hit problems

    Vanished……… a wrinkly ninja


    couldnt have put it any better all i can add is just be wary of what you are buying and take advise as for price 20 years ago you could buy them for £20 all day long. lol


    On the subject of BSA Bantams I went to the SVR classic car and bike day a couple of weeks ago and spotted this rather nice collection of the venerable BSA…


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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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