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    I get the distinct feeling the Police love these chases….having said that this guy was on a provisional licence so really has got what he deserved

    From the BBC

    A court has heard Tayside Police officers had to drive at 142mph to catch a speeding biker.

    Gary Nicolson, who only had a provisional licence, was found guilty of riding his motorcycle at “excessive speed” on the A92 on 29 April.

    At Dundee Sheriff Court, the 23 year-old was also found guilty of failing to stop for uniformed officers.

    Sheriff Alistair Duff fined Nicolson a total of £1,720 and banned him from driving for 18 months.

    The court was told Nicolson even overtook stationary cars at a pedestrian crossing before driving through the red light at speed.

    Giving evidence at trial, officers who pursued Nicolson said equipment monitoring the speed of their police car had registered up to 142mph.

    No insurance

    They estimated that Nicolson was travelling at about 120mph on his 600cc Honda during the pursuit.

    Nicolson, from Lochgelly, Fife, was found guilty after trial of driving dangerously at excessive speed on the A92 between Panmurefield, Dundee, and Muirdrum, Angus, on April 29.

    Nicolson previously admitted two further charges of driving without insurance and without L-plates as a provisional licence holder.

    Sheriff Duff also told the 23-year-old that he must pass the extended test of competency to drive before he may legally drive again.



    with a continuallly dirty licence since I was 18 I think I am allowed to say he brought that on himself…. no insurance is showing his lack of consideration for the rest of the world… not meaning to be all high and mighty etc… not that insurance would technically be valid at that speed anyhows


    Somehow I have maintained a clean licence since about 2003 when the last lot come off…so I am well overdue collecting some!

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