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    A biker who posted a film of himself on YouTube travelling at up to 120mph has been banned from driving for 12 months.

    Footage of Michael Paul McIver’s trip clearly showed the speedometer over 11 miles in Denbighshire along the A5 near Corwen, and the A5104 at Llandegla.

    The 25-year-old factory worker, of Irby, Wirral, was ashamed of his behaviour, Prestatyn magistrates heard.

    He was ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work after admitting dangerous driving.

    The video, which appeared under the name BL4STN, showed the bike travelling at speeds up to 120.6mph.

    New camera

    Justin Espie, prosecuting, said it was purely the speed which made it dangerous, and that other road users did not have to take evasive action.

    The bike was well controlled the whole time and McIver slowed down on bends, he said.

    Christopher Murphy, defending, said McIver passed his motorbike test in April 2011 and was trying out a new camera.

    He believed at the time that what he was doing was not dangerous but now fully accepted that it was, Mr Murphy said.

    McIver, who works at the Farmers Boy meat processing plant on Deeside, no longer had the 600cc machine, he added.

    After serving his 12-month ban McIver will have to take an extended driving test.



    Yep, be careful where you point those cameras. I sometimes have a camera on my bike if I am going somewhere nice but its normally down on the fairing


    Best place for it champs, keep thinking about getting one

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