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    How about a Forum 99 meet Imperial data?


    Radar, I’m sorry but I cannot give up my special trade day passes where we get to see and try everything with no public there!…nah! Going this Thursday (13th) with the lads.



    Hope you had a good day at the show, should be there next Sunday when it is packed – can’t all get trade passes you know!
    Was it any good?
    Did you take a look at the 2.3 Triumph?
    Has McGinn bought another RS250 yet?

    “Still got those, can’t get enough of those,line 10 blues”

    Tell Eurpoe about the forum!!


    ay up Radar!

    Show is OK. New ZX10 is awesome, new R1 very nice and the new firblade is there. Not bad but sports bikes are too small for me, although if I get another bike I might get the Hyabusa. Did see the giant 2.0L plus custom bikes…mad, but at least you could reach the floor. Loadsa dolly birds and the trials show is great with Dougie Lampkin. Two Spanish BMX chaps rode the same course as the trial bikes. Unbelievable.

    Be seen…Be safe!


    Damn those privileged few, they have all the fun. A forum day out and meet up sounds good, any takers?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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