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    The second day of my trip I decided to head for the coast and grab a bag of chips and ice cream. That morning I sat down with my brother in law and asked which roads were the best for bikes, heading in the direction of Aberaeron. He advised on several routes to take, I decided to do them all if I had time [:o)].
    So off I went. Couldn’t resist the pull of that mountain road (A4069) and so decided the first route I would take was the one that took me over the best part of that road. Before reaching Llandovery, there is a turn off the A4069 at Llangadog which puts you on the A40. A short ride up the A40 and reached the turn off David had told me of…the A482. A very good road, but in places for the brave! Like a rollercoaster in parts and once or twice I thought I may need to turn round to retrieve my stomach which had been left behind on the brow of one of the mounds![:p] A nice mix of undulating countryside, long, sweeping, fast bends, but best of all some wicked twisties. I followed this road all the way to Aberaeron, although the last stretch of it was marred by the amount of tourists in those damn tin snails!!!![:(!]
    Once there I parked up and sat having a welcome rest! Not all that much to see in Aberaeron, typical sea side village, and didnt rate the beach much, but it was clean and pleasant all the same, just bland…


    I decided I wouldn’t bother with the chips and ice cream, wasn’t particularly hungry and wanted more road time, so hit the road again after answering the call of nature. I headed north up the coast on the A487, but the plan soon changed due to the amount of tourist traffic, I decided to get off the main road as soon as possible and find a detour to one of the other roads David had told me about. At Aberarth I stopped to have a little look at my trusty map and as luck would have it, I could see the sign for the detour I decided on right in front of me….the B4577, heading for the B4337 I was looking for. The B4577 is not a bad road, but as luck would have it, chippings had recently been laid so the surface was a bit on the loose side. At Cross Inn I turned onto the B4337 and headed south back towards “base”. This road was very much like the A482….as a matter of fact, I am now of the mind that there isn’t a bad road in Wales! Twisting, turning, fast sweepers, up and down, round this way and that, I would just love to have roads like these nearer to where I live! At the end of the B4337 I turned southwards ont the B4302….almost totally unpopulated, just the one village, Talley, and the odd house dotted about. Now this road gave me one or two “bum clenching moments” as Radar calls them. In a couple of places there are straights, but if you were to iron these straights out, the would be 3 times as long. A couple of times my wheels momentarily left the road, only slightly mind, but enough to teach me to have a little more respect for these strange roads. David had warned me that I could easily get a flying lesson on this road, but as he isn’t a biker I assumed he was exaggerating a little, and since when do we women listen any ways???!!!![:o)]
    So I reached Llandeilo unscathed, grinning from ear to ear, and wanting more. I could easily have got back to Garnant via the A483 but had some time to kill, so headed back up the A40 to Llandovery.
    There is a castle ruin on the Black Mountain, Trapp. The only way to get there is up single tracks, not really suitable for a sportsbike, and its like a maze of tracks up there….I was bound to get lost…..but hey….I had a few hours to kill![:D]
    I actually never made it to the castle itself, the tracks were becoming rougher and rougher, and had visions of punctures, losing it on the way back down on the loose gravelly surfaces, so found a spot on one of the tracks where I could get a shot of the castle….


    Well, still had a bit of time left so headed back towards Llandovery and onto my favourite road for a play. Not much else to say about that day….another enjoyable day, but wanted to find a better coastal area than I had visited today……but that was for another day….[;)]


    Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, But rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, VODKA in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming…….WOO HOO, WHAT A RIDE!!



    Superb stuff. Brilliant ride.

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    Cheers GC for sharing that with us Lol!

    I’m not riding fast, I’m just flying low. and please DONATE to this website


    I want to play.

    Take it easy out there


    Me Tooooooooooooooooooo!

    I’m not riding fast, I’m just flying low. and please DONATE to this website



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