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    Hi all,
    A recent experience with naff chinese wheel bearings in a mates GSXR started me selling decent quality bearings. I am now able to source front wheel, rear wheel, sprocket carrier, steering head bearings and (some) crank bearings for most bikes, and am obviously trying to build business a little.

    You can, of course find cheapo bearings for 2 or 3 quid each, or you could go to the dealers and pay £35+

    My bearings are supplied from decent manufacturers (NSK, NTN etc) and are of comparable quality (or better) than OEM, and for front wheel bearings are priced at around £13 per pair, with discounts for group buying, combined postage etc.

    I can offer forum members a small discount on any bearing set sale, but buy more and save more!

    As a last word, whoever you buy bearings from, please, please don’t get the cheapest you can find. my mate paid £5.99 for a pair of front wheel bearings and now has a wrecked bike and a broken leg for his efforts. Sradical

    SRAD750 and dead flies on my visor!


    Hiya Srad, Cheers for info mate. Welcome to TBF. They’re a friendly lot here. Introduce yourself Lol! You will be welcomed.

    I’m not riding fast, I’m just flying low. and please DONATE to this website


    Cheers Sradical,thanks for the offers, its locked in me brain now….(bearing in mind)

    Take it easy out there

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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