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    Just read this and though I’d share it with you. It sparked quite a debate and a lot of comments where I lifted off MAG’s official FB feed.
    A number of concerned MAG Members have been in touch with us after the following story emerged:

    ‘A CAMBRIDGESHIRE motorist has walked free from court after he was cleared of causing the death of a Lincolnshire motorcyclist.

    Ian Duncan MacIntyre, 58, was driving his Jaguar XF sports car when he collided with a Ducati motorbike ridden by David Blackburn on the A155 at Hagnaby.

    Mr Blackburn, 53, from West Keal, died as a result of the crash which occured shortly after 5.30pm on April 9 last year.

    The prosecution alleged Mr MacIntyre was driving carelessly when he pulled out of a staggered junction into the path of Mr Blackburn’s motorcycle.

    But a jury at Lincoln Crown Court cleared Mr MacIntyre of causing Mr Blackburn’s death by careless driving after hearing he simply did not see the motorbike coming because of the sun which he described as “low and blinding.” 

    Mr MacIntyre was discharged from the dock after the jury took just minutes to return its not guilty verdict at the end of a three-day trial.’ – Taken from Horncastle News.

    On the information that has been reported regarding this case, this could be seen as a miscarriage of justice towards the motorcyclist, David Blackburn. We are currently investigating this further to see how and why the jury came to their ‘not guilty’ verdict.


    Sad but not all together surprising!

    The excuse of I didn’t see you seems to be a get out of jail free card.  I wonder how many of the jurors had even ridden a bike?


    well surely if the sun was low and blinding he should have taken longer at the junction therefore missing the bike all together in most cases id have said. typical guilty people getting off and innocent people getting boned! this country is ridiculous!

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