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    Hiya Folks – I’m new here – But Pete247 is one of my bestest mates! – not usually very active on forums but i do have motivation ATM as i lie here on my back following spine surgery – from over doing it not some horror bike crash! But i am very much looking forward to getting back on my bike which is…….

    BATBIKE! Also Know As

    Kawasaki Z1000sx


    Refinements include …….

    Arrow Dark line Cans
    MRA Screen
    Gear indicator
    Heated Grips
    Scottoiler -Electronic oiler

    Waiting to go on when i;m well enough is
    Gel Seat
    Dual Injector for the scottoiler

    Hope I fit in ok here

    Cheers For Now


    Hi Matt

    Welcome along to the forum and hope you heal up quick and can get those bits fitted to your lovely Batbike! Very nice by the way!

    Take a look at these links, they should keep you entertained whilst your laid up and give you a little taste of the forum…


    Welcome to the forum Matt, I am am sure you will fit in just fine!

    Good work on the Kwack there…you have got it looking very tasty indeed. Look forward to seeing the future improvements that you have planned

    Above all I hope you have a speedy recovery!


    Hey Matt, glad you fiximibobbed up enough to be able to post on here, I hope you hang about too as its a nice place with some very cool peeps that are not a million miles from you should you wish to go play bikes once you healed up :-)

    I had a go on Bat-Bike a while back while I still had the Streetfighter, it is a proper powerhouse and lovely to ride, that and a GSXR1000 was the rides that put the nail in the coffin on the Streetfighter for me, bikes should be natural not a wrestling match to get round a corner.

    Have a look around Matt, there are loads of good posts on here to get your teeth into :-)


    Hi Mat, nice ride hun, loads of grin power ;D Like Pete says get yer teeth into some posts ;) Oh yes and welcome ;D :o

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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