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    I have touched on this subject before and back in the 1970’s both Honda and Guzzi made 400/750 and 1000cc motorcycles with semi automatic boxes. Well Honda are returning to this market with the DN-01 that is a 680cc V twin tourer in the mould of the Deauville (stay awake everybody!!). I think it looks hideous, but Honda are planning a 990cc auto too.

    The DN-01

    Even Victory motorcycles, a US company that manufactures superior Harley clones, have produced a concept bike called the Vision 800.


    Again it looks awful and I can’t believe the name, does anybody else remember the Honda 50 Vision of the late 1980’s! My wife had one.

    The original Vision!
    I hope that this doesn’t mark the beginning of the end for proper biking and that the machines offered to us become ever more sanitised.

    GSF K1

    Do the two models come with the bike?????????



    Originally posted by GSF K1

    Do the two models come with the bike?????????

    – even they look bored!

    Suzuki even tried an automatic (or should that be “Suzukimatic”) with the rubish GS450A



    Most of the auto attempts of the past have been to avoid RSI of the clutch hand in the city congestion, fair play if you like that sort of thing.

    On a different tack, I was thinking that some of the latest sports cars have clever shifters making them quicker at accelerating than their manual stable mates.
    I wonder if there would be more interest if the same were true for bikes at the sportier end of the market?

    Or would they just be scary?!?!


    There are quick shifters on the market which allow clutch free up shifting, but you still use the clutch for down-shifting.

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