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    MR PAUL HAYWARD? from preston/coventry area i think but cant really remember.

    hes the guy i bought the bandit frame off to build the fighter, well he didnt SORN it like he was meant to and now i have to pay the fine!


    im growing tired of people shafting me


    I’m amazed that you have to do that. Was it from Ebay you bought the frame? If so, can’t you prove that it wasn’t/isn’t a roadworthy bike?


    daft isnt it?
    the letter states that as im the registered keeper im liable for the fine as the tax disc ran out October 2009 and no SORN was declared…well im sorry but i received the frame in the post after the disc had run out so surely the old keeper is liable as it ran out while he was the registered keeper of the vehicle…im not paying this.
    im going to take a picture of said vehicle send it with a letter telling them all this and if they still think im liable to pay then they can take me to court.

    with regard to your question ID whether its roadworthy or not its still classed as a vehicle, what makes up a bike in the DVLA’s books is a frame with number, a logbook and a number plate. but you do have a point as it cant be used anywhere near a road for its intended use. their just robbers!


    also theyre trying to charge me £11 quid for admin charges or something else that i cant remember the technical term for..i wonder if we could all start charging them for our petrol/time when buying a tax disc at a post office branch, dont think itd quite work like that though….what a shame

    so im upto £91.00 for Mr Ass Face’s mistake


    Have you contacted the DVLA direct?

    From the DVLA website:

    What to do if things go wrong

    We aim to always give you the best possible service
    Please tell us:

    when we do well
    when we fail to meet our service standards
    how we could improve our services
    If you want to make a complaint, there is a four-step procedure you should follow
    At each step you will need to give:

    your full name and address
    your date of birth or driver number (if your complaint is about your driving licence)
    your vehicle’s registration number, make and model (if your complaint is about a vehicle)
    your daytime phone number (if possible)
    full details of your complaint, including any previous dealings with us about it
    This information will help us to deal with your complaint fully.

    Please note that although we will do everything possible to settle your complaint, there are some decisions we have to make by law. As a result, we may not always be able to meet your expectations

    The four-step procedure is as follows:
    Step 1
    Please get in touch with the person in the section or local office you have been dealing with. They may be able to solve your problem.

    Step 2
    If you are still not happy, write to:

    Carole Evans

    Customer Services Manager



    SA7 0EE

    E-mail: Customer Service Manager

    Fax: 01792 766 416

    We aim to immediately confirm that we have received your complaint, and to send a full reply within 10 working days. If it is going to take us longer than this to give you a full reply, we will let you know.

    Step 3
    If you are still not satisfied, write to:

    Noel Shanahan

    Chief Executive



    SA6 7JL

    You need to provide full details of your complaint and the response you have received so far.

    We aim to immediately confirm that we have received your complaint, and to send a full reply within 10 working days. If it is going to take us longer than this to give you a full reply, we will let you know.

    If you feel that your complaint has not been handled properly, you can ask the Chief Executive to refer the matter to an independent complaints assessor.

    Step 4
    If you think that we have not done everything we could have done to settle your complaint, you may want to contact a Member of Parliament. They may refer the matter to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO).



    Ben the previous owner may have told the truth. When there is a change of owner the new owner has to re-SORN. I know this because when I bought the Balde from Gordy I had to SORN it even though it was already SORN’d. The fine letter just details the last time it was taxed not the previous SORN info.

    This is a quote from the DVLA website

    “When a vehicle changes hands, the SORN declaration is not transferred; a declaration is required from the new keeper. This is to ensure that DVLA are aware of changes to the vehicle record and have an accurate update of the new keeper’s details.”


    cheers Radar, ive made a complaint giving all the details i could.
    Right well i didnt know that Kat, but either way shouldnt i have been sent a reminder or a letter to say it needs re SORN-ing?

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