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    Well I’ve just got back from Appleyards and sorted out the new parts for Little Alice

    Clip on L/Plates £3.47
    Rear Lamp comb £76.34
    Rear Indicators (2) £13.95 each
    Rear frame brace/sub frame £58.59
    License plate £4.73
    Headlamp rim £28.63

    Total £220 inc VAT

    Then whatever the labour charge is, which he said will be about £150 depending how long it takes, less discount card at 10%

    The main frame is slightly bent but they said they can straighten that if its not too bad, if not a new main frame would be an additional £500

    I really can’t afford a whole new frame, so I hope they can just straighten the bars at the end of the frame…

    Here;s hoping it all works out nice(and cheaply) lol


    Yep, hope the frame’s not banana’d as that’s £500 in your pocket for the nitrous kit…..

    Best of luck on the repairs!


    Cheers mate, It’s getting picked up this coming Thursday and is going to be worked on, on Wednesday after bank holiday, so I hope it’ll be back here within 2 weeks :D

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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