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    I have just found out that the classic British brand AJS lives on, but now is applied to a Chinese 125cc twin cruiser. At £1554 it is a lot of neatly funished bike for the money, and it got a reasonable write up in BIKE. Still. I think it is a shame to see a proud old brand used in this way.



    You’re right matey. It makes no sense either. The older motorcycle enthusiast will take one look and be saddened by the use of such a classic name in association with a cheap and mediocre foreign product, while the young lad will not understand the history and not be able to identify with the name.

    I guess the brand owners thought that they were using a well-known name to get instant market-credibility. They failed. Using an old name only works when the new product has some linearity from the previous incarnation. Triumph works because it’s still British, made in the midlands, and putting out products for the masses in direct competiton with the other mass market manufacturers. But the name AJS on a 125 Asian import? No, it just does not work.

    It might be a decent bike, but the marketing does not work.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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