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    The DVLA say “we know if you’re bike tax is out of date, and if you’re out of date we will get the computer to eat your bike!!”

    My point, and it’s a bloody good one as well!
    If they KNOW this and all of this is true, WHY do we need to display it on our bikes?

    This is the ONLY form of tax we have to slap a sticker on something for. You don’t need a sticker on your windows informing the world that you’ve paid your council tax for example do you or your television license do you? So why should this be any different? Answer: it shouldn’t!

    Why should we stick it on our bikes so some little t**t can nick it and put it on their f**king scooter? Or so some f**king ticket dealer can have a job to do?

    This issue really f**king burns me…

    I can understand why they needed to be displayed 30 years ago but there’s no need for it now!
    It need’s f**king sorting out if you ask me.

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