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    Had a cracking day on Saturday with Team Afterdark, Kat, Ses and one or two others. Review and pics of the 29th to follow.

    I couldn’t do Sunday, so Kat, Ses or Champs will have to write up that one!


    Here are Team Afterdark Blog entries from Tim for the Weekend:

    Silverstone Practice !!
    Tim White  on September 28, 2012

    After a long wait James went  out on circuit at 5 this afternoon with a big learning curve ahead of him.

    We had a different james out there today as unusually he put in some fast early laps whilst he chased the pack. Realising he wasn’t learning the circuit he backed it down a bit but not before he had his normal trip onto the grass.

    He finished up 17th but it looks like there is alot more to come tomorrow in qualifying.

    Looks like its going to be a good weekend!!

    Sun Shines for Qualifying!!
    Tim White on September 29, 2012

    The weather was kind this morning as James headed out for qualifying.  It’s so much nicer with the sun on your back!!

    It all went well with James knocking another 2.5 seconds off his times from yesterday. The end result was 15th so hes on the middle of the 4th row for race 1. He’s happy with the bike after a few changes we made overnight so fingers crossed for the race this afternoon.

    Siverstone Race 1 !!!
    Tim White on September 29, 2012

    Race 1 kicked off this afternoon at about 5.20 with the normal roar of the twins. James had a steady start and started to fight within the pack as they jostled for position on the first lap. He came across the line in on the first lap in 16th but with a pack in front of him. He worked his way through posting his fastest lap of the weekend, 1.5 seconds quicker than his qualifying time, and managed to get upto 13th but was hot on the trail of 12th until he hit a neutral going into Vale and dropped off the back of 12th.

    James came home 13th so a few more points and yet again quicker than his previous outing. All in all a good result and still looking promising for tomorrow.

    Race 2 Siverstone a Fitting End to a Fantastic Weekend !!!

    Tim White on September 30, 2012

    With no warm up today we had to wait until 3pm before James was out on circuit but we had plenty to keep us busy while we waited.

    We were looking for James to try and pick up in the second sector and he didn’t let us down. Yet again he dropped his laptime by 2.2 seconds on the last lap. He ended up a 11th with a great last lap scrap with Jamie Poole. Another great ride.

    After looking back through the  timing sheets, James knocked 6.2 seconds off his time in 34 laps of the awesome GP circuit. A fantastic effort, well done son!!

    We probably had in excess of 90 visitors over the weekend, made up of friends, family and sponsors. They all braved the cold Autumn wind to show their support for James and the Team. We all really enjoyed having them with us. It really gives a buzz around the awning.

    So thats it for the 2012 season, its been a tough one but an enjoyable one with lots of learnings along the way but I’ll cover that in a blog later in the week.

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