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    I’ll put updates from the Team in here as I get them.

    Here is Tim’s Blog entry from the 19th

    “This time tomorrow we will be in our villa in Rimini and hopefully the bike will be getting close to!!!

    At last the World Ducati Weekend is here and we will be one of 2 races out on circuit. We are really looking forward to getting James out on such a fantastic circuit. We’ve made a few changes since Snetterton so hopefully they will help James. It looks like the heat may pay a part in the results, as I write the temperature is up to 30 degrees, so lots of water and +Battery hydration will be needed.

    The other good news is that we will be meeting up with Louigi Moto, Skilcom, Motorbike Devils and OD2 racing while we are there, so there will be a bit of a party atmosphere when the serious bit of racing is out the way.

    Thanks to all our sponsors for their help in allowing us to be involved in such a prstigeous event.

    I’ll try and keep you all updated over the weekend.”



    Wish James luck from us all at BikeMeet :)  Hope it is a cracking weekend for you all!


    Sounds like a fantastic event, hope James goes well and the party is wild!


    Qualifying News:  (Taken from Tim’s Facebook page)

    “Just a quicky, James qualified 15th. have now done a bit more work on the bike. Not that far off!!!! Just been having a big debrief and hopefully we’re sorted for tomorrow!!! Thanks for the massive support from home, miss you all but not the weather!!!!! We’re still melting, upto 40 degrees again today, track temp 68 degrees according to our little gadget!!!” – Tim White, Team Afterdark

    Tim also posted this earlier on the teams blog https://www.teamafterdark.co.uk/blog/

    “we have a plan to keep james cool today both before and after qualifying. nothing too technical, just a hose pipe!!!!”



    Good stuff. Track temp 68 degrees!! Does it require a special tyre compound when it’s that warm?


    They use control tyres in the series, I believe they are Pirelli Supercorsa SC2’s


    Tim’s blog entrys from the weekend:

    Mad Dogs and Englishmen ( you know the rest) !!!!!!

    Tim White on June 24, 2012

    Saturday brought another blisteringly hot day for qualifying. We used the scrubs for the first session which saw James sat in 16th, the good thing was the heat wasn’t getting to him. We decided on a gearing change for the second qualifyer as james was having to short shift a fair bit on certain parts of the circuit and a new set of tyres for a good push. The session was busy with not much clear track but James’ times started to drop and lap after lap saw him setting personal bests but the rest of the group were doing the same. After coming in for a drink with 6 minutes to go he went back out for the last push with 4 minutes on the clock. His first flying lap he got caught with slower riders. So it was all down to his last lap, unfortunately after it looked like he was going to move several spots up the grid he outbreaked himself into the last chicane and the lap was ruined.

    So to sum up James starts from 15th on the grid, we’re not to worried because we have gone for plan B now, so hopefully we can get him up into the top 10.

    Thanks for all the support coming from home, it really helps us. A big thanks Rich and Chas who were stars once again!!

    Now we move to race day and its going to be really hot, its  13–00 first race and 13-50 for the second.

    What Now !!!!!!

    Tim White on June 24, 2012

    Well thats wdw 2012 done and dusted.

    Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to matter what we do we continue to let James down. Today the first race started according to plan and the lap times dropped and then 4 laps in the characteristics of the bike change and it becomes unmanageable. With all that said James did manage to salvage some points by bringing the bike home 10th in class and was well on the pace for the first 3 laps, posting his fastest time of the weekend. For the second race we had to make changes for James’ safety ( yep, thats how bad the performance would drop off). Once again James battled hard with what he had under him and managed to get 13th in class so again a couple of points were salvaged.

    Things need to change in the team and they will!!!  Basically we need to go back to basics and bottom these problems out.

    Thanks to Chas and Rich for their help this weekend, we have learnt alot and that is what I have just said above.

    We would like to thank all our sponsors friends and family for their continued support and also I would like to appologise for the poor performance from me ( this is where the buck stops).

    Next up Oulton Park in 2 weeks time.

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