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Mate, you seem always able to put words in the order that fits best! :-)

The museum was awesome, totally blew me away. The lil scooter was so scary when we thought about it, but looks so very familiar to what I was sitting on outside your house…. times have changed…. but not by much!!! :D

The Purple Fury was a fav and a few others you have not posted up too, I will add some of my photos when I have some decent internet hopefully at the weekend.

I have to say it was a very welcome sight to see Gix and Togsy when I pulled in to the car park, although it was only 150ish miles I was feeling a lil saddle sore which would have been 10 times worse on a different bike, the V7 really does suit my needs and is a delight to ride even without a fairing.

LOL at me being a regular guy… Am not sure who’s eyes lit up more when the bows, guns and knives came out… yours or mine! lol. I loved them all but that Machete was outrageous! :D

As said the food in the eve was spot on, I’ve not had such a tasty steak in a long while and hope to return there next time we all meet up unless you have any other eateries as good?

The weather was not ace and it did mean we needed to wrap up properly, gave me a perfect excuse to do some miles in my RUKKA, Daytona and Held winter kit which was spot on… I only had under suits on under the textiles and was warm and toasty as if it were summer except on fingers and toes… and lets be honest no winter kit is really totally warm on the extremities except for heated stuff!

The Chundercat (as I previously thought of them) was a delight to ride, light, responsive and natural… totally different to how I imagined a bike of its era to be. It was always a pretty bike but its stature hides its nimbleness and it would not be shown up by far more modern rides IMO. Lovely bike.
The Fazer 1000 took me a while to get used to…. it seemed to not do counter steering and I felt at first like it was taking me round the corners not me directing it. Once we had covered a few miles tho I got on better with it and found it just needed telling what you wanted from it which then showed it as a very capable bike. The engine was very gutsy and allowed me to acclimatise to the bike without falling behind by just winding on the throttle a little louder. I kind of felt the handling was similar to the Ducati Streetfighter which was possibly why it took me a while to get used to. Once dialled in tho it was far easier to ride than my SF was even with all its rider aids and I was quite happy throwing it around chasing Radar down the twisties which I’d never of been able to do if on the Ducati.
It was a shame the RD was having a grump, I must say I have a total soft spot for 2T silly-bikes and hopefully wiull get to have a go another time :-)

Radar – Don, looked really comfy on the Guzzi, really suited him and I think the ride may have cost him some money lol… but there are a few other bikes in class he should probably try for size, even if only to rule them out :D (You know you want a V7 really)  :D

I was sad to be leaving after such a welcoming visit, everyone made me feel proper at home and I can’t wait for the next meet I get to.

Thank you to everyone who I was able to meet up with, you are all lovely people and to those that wern’t able to make it I look forward to a re-run where I get to meet you guys and gals too :-)

Top times :-)