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So for sh*ts and giggles I have totted up the costs for a run through France from Calais to Tarbes (rough target) runs 670 miles


This route avoids toll roads, and having a little detour to Le Mans (if we’re in the neighbourhood..)

Halfway house is roughly Tours, which is 350 miles from Tarbes, and you can get an Ibis hotel in Tours from £38.

Cost of fuel I work out at 670 miles @ £1.30 per litre (based on 40 mpg) = £98.99

Hotel for Friday night near Folkestone is £24.00

Channel tunnel is £70 (return) based on departure of 0620 on the 22nd and return 1850 on the 29th.

Total 195.99 one way (double that is £391.98 for a return trip)

hotel prices based on singles per room (obviously this can change with 2 or more per room)

also, you may need to add more for fuel with your gas guzzlers! I am working on my brilliant zx6, that mearly sips fuel on the long runs! or it could be that my carbs are clogged?? :P

Either way, an interesting exercise I feel.