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Well the FZ passed its’ first MOT last week at the excellent Grand Prix Motors in Kidderminster. Thorough but fair.

The bike now has 7500 miles on the clock and has continued to impress since the last update a few months ago. The horrible summer has limited how much I have used the old girl, the majority of its’ miles were added on the epic Assen run with Kat, his crew, Ses, Champs and  Thumper. The biggest mileage in a day was over 500 in one hit. Too many really, but it was only me that was knackered; not the bike as it ran flawlessly and was comfortable for such a powerful bike. The big addition has been an excellent Givi rack and luggage case, that apart from some problems with the catch (my stupidity) early on has been really excellent. Other than that it has been used for a bit of commuting and few local blasts which it has lapped up without problem

The Metzelers have been fine, but the long stright run to Assen has flat spotted the rear especially and so I will be replacing them soon. I will probably go the Maxxis route as they have served me well on the Thundercat.

Over the ‘summer’ I also had the opportunity to ride a 2011 Triumph 1050 Speed trple…a FZ1 competitor and I came away impressed, especially with the tuneful triple power plant. However overall I prefer my Yamaha and it is way more comfortable than the slightly brutal Triumph.

The next question is do I take the FZ or the Thundercat to the Pyrennes next year??