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well i shall tell actually ‘cos we may be waiting a couple of weeks for MD to say snything.

everyones fine, dont worry, i probably should have worded it differently.

but the day got off to a bad start, it was cold and cloudy. the tyres took a hell of a lot of warming up. we were just taking it steady and some stupid bitch nearly ran into me as she was too impatient to wait for the car infront of her to fully pull in on the left.bit of swearing.

there were a few front end twitchers to follow.

next thing, we were running upto the bike cafe at fridaythorpe and its sat on a hill, and this road is fantastic!! i have a few vids to upload for you guys to see.
around alot of the bends there double solid white lines.. so im hammering upto this tight right hander and a rangerover over takes a push bike literally half on my side of the road followed by a tw*t in a merc….the horns blare and a few gestures are thrown. still we arnt talking about serious things..its just another day in north yorkshire.

we get to the cafe..have a chat..and a drink and set off for the thing i know i get over taken at ridiculous speed by 5 odd guys that were at the cafe, so we start to chase as i do ‘cos im stupid. and we eventually over take them again cos they got lost :P haha! morons.

get to scarborough, the sun comes out. we relax and think, todays going to be a good day. so we set off back for home to grab my digital camera that i had forgotten to take some pictures for you guys actually and we decide to go the most direct route home, on the A64.

this is where we ran into some trouble, on the same day there just happened to be a modified car show happening further down the road. so all the morons were out as you would expect….also the police were out in force and had set up a road block.
we got pulled over, they were dipping petrol and all manner of things so we just thought they would have a quick look at our machines and let us on our way.

then the words came out of the police officers mouth “illegal exhaust check”
immediate thought……OH F**K! cos if push came to shove how the bloody hell would i be able to argue my bean can sized exhaust.

the officer took one look at both bikes…”yep both illegal” he said to the other officer.
at this point we were both a little miffed as you could imagine, except then the officer looked at mine again and noticed the BS stamp on the exit port and he then said “infact yours is fine”.

so what started off as a really good day turned to sh*t with martin getting clamped as his can wasnt stamped. and i think what pissed him off more was the fact that if the cops had actually looked at my bike they would have been able to award me over 12 points for everything wrong with it.

i actually feel really bad for him.

im sure MD will add to this, cos it probably didnt make a lot of sense to be honest but im tired :(