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A cracking days riding started out with a chilly morning run from Kidderminster over to Thumper’s in North Birmingham. 30 not particularly exciting miles as the only real fun was providied by the twiddly bits of the A456 on the way up to J3 of the M5.

Thumper welcomed us with the compulasory cuppa while he dragged out the Tiger from his chocolate box selection of bikes for todays proceedings.

The temp was rising slowly and the sun had already burnt of the last vestiges of morning mist. The good A515 to Ashbourne was the chosen route, and this is a lovely road. However a mixture of traffic and speed traps meant the ride didn’t always flow. Still great fun though and with the sun on our backs the temperature continuing to rise it felt great just to be out there enjoying my bike. Up front on the Tiger Thumper was pushing the giant trailie at a decent rate and Ses and I were having fun picking off the traffic in his wake.

Ashbourne soon loomed up and it was time for a cuppa. We were about to get going going again when a load of Harleys rumbled into town, like a posse from a wild west film…I don’t get the Harley thing, but they are certainly impressive when they role in en-masse.

Thumper, smiling as ever and SES310 at Ashbourne

Suddenly there were more Harleys than an accountant’s convention…


This BSA added a touch of British class to the rather brash proceedings…

TT07 called at this point and he was already in Matlock, so we quickly sped over to join him via the B5035 a really good piece of road that goes past Carsington Water, before joining the the A6 for the last couple of miles into Mattlock Bath itself.

On a bright sunny day loads of bikers had made the run and the place was packed. Breakfast was consumed (I had a light salad as usual) and we wondered about the bikes, as usual this was like a free bike show and there was evertything on display from trick sports-bikes, trike, rats and Jap classics: Brilliant

Thumper’s Tiger, Ses310’s CBR and Thundercat at Matlock

Beautifully restored 1964 Honda dirtbike, love those exhausts…

Usual trike shot…

MZ250 semi-rat, note the gas mask, bullet holes in the tank and the latest thing in soft luggage!

TT07’s Gixxer

Buell going to the Rats. Underneath was a stock 2005 bike, is this truly in the spirit of rat-biking??

Mint GT750 Kettle, the pics don’t do the paintwork justice

Ses310, Thumper and TT07…I remember when people had names you know…

That is the biggest top I have ever seen

Yamaha 250LC…just like the one I had in 1985…’memories may be beautiful, and yet…’

The day was rounded off with a brisk blat back to Thumpers once more retracing our steps. A good qick run, but again the pace had to be a bit up and down due to the vagaries of traffic, tractors, other bikes, unmarked police cars etc. TT07 was with his now and the roar from Gixxer thou was combining with the rumble from Thumpers Tiger to ensure Ses and I were treated to an evoctive sound track as we tucked in behind.

Back home, nearly 300km covered and superb days riding. Cheers lads, and sorry to ID for somehow missing him…