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Thought provoking stuff, here is the test in case the link goes dead:

Two sisters have allowed the police to use footage of their father dying to help raise road safety awareness.

Alexe Millward, 25, and her sister Terri, 24, from Newcastle-under-Lyme, lost their father Chris Burrell in a motorcycle accident last June.

Mr Burrell died performing a wheelie stunt in front of hundreds of people at a Thursday night meet at the Stormy Petrel Pub in North Shropshire.

He lost control and crashed into a car on the opposite side of the A41 main road.

It was the second family tragedy within a year after their mother Karen died, aged 42, from a long-term illness.

People attending a meet at the Shropshire pub later today will view a five-minute film titled Dying for a Ride?, featuring CCTV camera footage of the fatal accident.

The police film will then be shown at motorbike meets throughout the summer.

It features an emotional plea from Mr Burrell’s daughters urging other bikers not to make the same mistake as their father.

And it will be narrated by local bike racer Ben Wylie, the 2007/8 British Supersport rider.

The sisters said it was completely out of character for their dad to do dangerous manoeuvres on his bike.

“We’ll never know why he decided to do a wheelie on that night. It was just a moment of madness – not like him at all,” Alexe added.

“It was an error of judgement which ended in tragedy and we don’t want any other family to go through the heartbreak we’ve been through.”

Police Constable Mick Sturland, a keen motorcyclist and the film’s organiser, paid tribute to the sisters for taking part in the campaign.

“Chris Burrell was an experienced motorcyclist and yet his actions resulted in a collision which cost him his life,” he said.

“All we want to do is to keep the bikers and other road users safe and I’m sure they will listen to what Alexe and Terri have said.”