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It reminds me of the brand new Honda CB750KZ i had, back in 1979. This is a rarely-seen bike nowadays, brought out just before the better-known CB900F and probably the first mass-produced bike with 16-valves, i would reckon.

Anyway, the back end slid badly on a couple of bends and i knew something was up. As i limped home, the back slid again, riding into the driveway, but i just assumed it was the light night rain we were seeing.

The following morning and all was revealed.
Where i park my bike was just a sea of 10W40.
The bike had been on it’s side stand and most of the engine oil had emerged from behind the countershaft sprocket. A real mess to clean up or what!

Honda soon made the necessary recall and the bike was fixed under warranty, as were quite a few others affected in the same way.

Nice bike, really well made and quick for a heavy and quiet 750.