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Thought that would get you all on the go!
My Dad rode bikes, as does all my family now. Me-fz750, the wife Kawa Z1, my son a fireblade and my daughter a suzi gsxr 400. My other two daughters (3 and 6) are into the ‘electric’ m/bikes.
my Dad’s last bike before he died, was a a bridgestone 350 gtr, which is in my loft totally stripped and stored. He bought it brand new and was awful hard to catch on it.
I’ve owned numerous bikes, I was never much into british iron, but had various dealings with the old faithful in those days, a bantam 125 d1, james commodore 250, 250 golden arrow and the original rocket three.
I still have a morini 3 1/2, in a state of restoration, and have owned at various points of time the following: honda benly 125 (in 1968), honda cb72 and cb77, cb450, the original cb750 and cb750 f2 (sohc), cb 500-4, cb550-4, cb 500 twin. Suzuki super six, hustler, kettle and gs1000. Kawa z1 (now the wifes,)kh250 s1, kh500. Yamaha yds6 and 7, 350lc, fz600, fz750. There are others, but i can’t think of them at the moment(old age [:(]) I’ve had an escort engined trike, heap of crap but great fun!
I fancy a descent trike of some description, but I’ll have to see what happens in the coming months.
Take care

Such is life!