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Heres an e-mail reply from the inventor himself.

Dear Mr. De-Gier,

Thank you very much for your email, we have received a considerable number of emails from bikers and have unfortunately not been able to respond to them all, although we have placed a short note (in the FAQ section, which we hope to expand upon in due course) with regard to motorbikes and safety.

As the note on the website now states, something that may not have come across in some of the media coverage of the project is that in the production version, the whole unit will be covered with a hard-wearing elastromeric membrane for purposes of road safety and to seal the unit from the ingress of dirt, water etc, and will hopefully provide superior grip characteristics even when compared to normal tarmac. Coupled with the fact that the ramp demonstrated is for use in low speed road environments (such as where speed bumps are currently used) and will be well marked, the ramp will pose less of a hazard than current traffic calming measures.

Please rest assured that while we are happy with the current amount of testing with regard to motorbikes and bicycles, our testing will be truly exhaustive before the first public installation (and naturally will need regulatory body approval before its use in public roads), as we believe that safety for all users must be our top priority. Following the response from the biking community, we are attempting to arrange interviews with a number of biking journals such as MCN to allay any worries that bikers may have.

I hope this is of assistance.
Peter Hughes.

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