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The RG500 was put into production. It suffered the same ‘bean-counter’ de-specing, ‘legal-limp-dick’ detuning, mass-market production-reality problems that afflicts everything else that is formulated, designed, manufactured, marketed, distributed and supported by a ‘nice’, ‘responsible’ multi-national corporation. In other words, like the RD500, it was far, far less than it could have been. And anyone that eulogises about the RG or RD really has absolutely no grip on the realities of what their worshiped bike could have been if the product managers were not such a bunch of lack-lustre, careful, sensible, namby-pamby, company-man, conservative choir-boys.

Obviously this is just a personal opinion, but one backed by 25 years of automotive industry design experience… so bring on the arguments… step this way…