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still was worth the money – you have a look round and try and find a taxed and tested moped for hundred quid!

as for the burns, lucky it was cold otherwise it’d have just been a tshirt and overalls – when i had a look, the padded jacket has burnt right through and the outer t shirt was scorched so pretty lucky really. Also found about 2 dozen slag burns down my arm where small bits had gone up my sleeve!

I have also set my trousers on fire – three times.

Once when grinding, and once on a hot exhaust (nylon jogging bottoms – rubbish!)

and the other time, when i was 13, on my cub field bike – leaky petrol tank, jeans covered in petrol – mate with a box of matches, or fag – cant remember, i remember riding past him and then my legs going up in flames, managed to get them out with no damage done luckily!

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