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Juan Skinner

Hey, i turns out I was wrong about the unit, it’s called a lighting regulator unit and does, as far as I can see, alternator field current, rectification and flashers but not as I originally thought cdi.
The cdi is actually built into the coil which is why I couldn’t find the bugger in the first place.
The battery is 12v gel type and spins the motor over very well over an extended period so I don’t suspect this could be a problem.

I take your point though, on my CB125 import, it was cutting out on what I thought was the overrun. Thinking on, this is when the brakes are applied. 21W bulb brought into circuit, nearly 2A drain from the battery and the result is weak sparks. The battery is new, and I’ll check tomorrow but I suspect it’s not charging.

Back to the scooter, it’s getting worse day by day. When I go on a test run, people are now swearing and gesticulating at me as if I’m trying to piss them off. If only they knew who was *really* pissed off. As it degenerates, it is obviously missing, going in fits and starts on full throttle.

A new cdi/coil is £45 which is fine if it solves the problem. If not I’ll be £45 worse off and still have the original problem.
My only reservation is that I do not have a timing light. Can anyone recommend a good basic (active not passive) one? I swore an oath against petrol engines being a diesel head by nature but I forgot all about bikes. Bad mistake to make.