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wrap it up in a big plastic bag, make a small hole in the top and gather the bag neck up but leave it open – drain the carbs and the tank and blow a hairdryer on low heat thru the bag neck for a few hours. This will dry out every drop of water in the carbs. The alternative which works better but isn’t quite so wife friendly (trust me – i know) is to wheel it thru the front door, into the front room, put the gas fire on full and leave it a few hours. This will dry out any water left in the carbs, airbox etc – fill it with fresh petrol and jobs a goodun….

You can get away with the front room if you send her out shopping and remove it before she gets home. However, other things to consider are:
1 The tyre marks on the hall carpet – woops
2 The oil on the front room floor – no carpet – lucky!
3 The exhaust smell in the front room, yes i tried it in there rather than wheel it out!

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