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well, firstly an old at power supply….

(1) ignore warnings on case re electrocution etc (actually, don’t if you dont know what you are doing!)
(2) Fit switch inside case to switch 240 vac on/off (the thick lead coming out – shorten it)
(3) Fit connectors to supply ov, +5v, )v and 12v
(4) Chocco block for -5v, 0v and -12v
(5) Fit 3 watt 6 volt lamp across 5 volt and 0 volt connection, this is to provide a little load which these supplies need to ensure voltage stability

You have now constructed a bench power supply for basically nothing.

Spoons – silver plate spoons found in a skip – free

Metal keyring – a bottle opener, thought i’d try something simple.

Glass jar – uh a glass jar

Water – erm.. guess what

Take a cable from the 12v connection, wrap it round the spoon. Take another cable from the 0v connection and wrap it round the keyring. Place both in a glass jar full of water, making sure they dont touch. Turn on supply – the current causes oxidation (or something, still reading up about the process) at the =ve terminal (the spoon) which causes metal to be removed from it (ie the silver plate) This metal is then deposited on the -ve terminal (whatever you want to plate), in this case the keyring…

Going to try it with different metals etc, apparantley copper is supposed to give good results…..

Will post a picture of the power supply at some point too, but am far to pi$$ed at the moment…

And, i was intrigued about the pain post too…………


EDIT : Yay – pic worked……………

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