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Originally posted by imperialdata

Welcome to the forum, Shuzbutt. Nice bike the firebolt, would appreciate if you could tell us a bit more about how it rides/performs etc. Sorry to hear you’re not pleased with Buell’s dealer service. I’m surprised that it could possibly be stone damage, isn’t the belt protected? I think you’ve got a good point about it snapping in the fast lane – anywhere in fact.

Got hold of a useful address for you:

Buell Customer Service
3700 W. Juneau Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53208

To speak with a Buell customer service representative call 414-343-8400. This is an american number so obviously add the relevant dialling prefix.

If you need it, I can tell you the name of a company who I use to get 3 pence per minute calls to the USA. PM me for more details.

They quote on their US website (hidden in the depths somewhere) “Sorry, we’re unable to receive e-mail at this time.”

Hope this helps, good luck and let us know your progress as bad publicity may speed things up!

Shuzbutt,old geezer