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Originally posted by imperialdata

Stay with me on this one…..

If they run out of oil when cornering in the car that’s the equivalent of wheelies or stoppies on a bike isn’t it? Speaking purely from an engine orientation point of view here.

Yup, absolutely. I think there are 2 further problems with the car install though.
1) the sumps are often shortened slightly (mine are about 50mm shorter than they were in the bike) so you have a lower volume of oil to start with.
2) For track use you can often find that you will be pulling high G cornering one after the other. In these circumstances, where there are no straights for the oil to restabilise, you can encounter problems. I’m assuming that these corners can go on for longer than you could pull a wheelie or stoppie for. This set of corners will also (obviously!) crop up lap after lap, so the loading on the engine is pretty high – sooner or later you’ll get quick enough and maintain a high enough contiunous lateral G load that the engine gives up.
I have read of bikers pulling wheelies through the gears and having the oil pressure light flickering on in the process. If they were to do that over and over again, the engine would let go, same as the above example in the car. [:(]

In the car the engines can also often run hotter so the oil gets thinner too – again a bad thing..