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Originally posted by Radar

Definately a interesting subject, to my knowledge Yamaha FZR1000 (Rocket), Honda Blackbird, Kawasaki ZX12/ZZR1100 and Busa engines have been used in a variety of cars. There have already been a couple of twin engined attempts with Kwack engines I think.

There’s a lot more than that too! Westfield for instance are offering kits with blade, blackbird (maybe discontinued now due to oil surge problems), and busa engines. Other companies use ZX12, ZX9, V twins and all sorts. The R1 seems to be the current top choice with kit builders at the moment, although AFAIK it’s not yet been adopted by any of the main kitcar manufacturers.


How about a V8 from two Busa engines? Now that would FLY!!

There are a couple of these knocking about now too, not all of them busa derived V8s though.