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I had a mate who had an XT500,at the time i had a TS125 and we used to go onto a council tip every lunch time till he went over the bars and did his knee in,i had to ride the XT home for him and nearly lost it when i wacked the throttle open.
I,ve got an XT250 for green laneing now,it,s got
the front end from a KX250 crosser,i wanted upsidedowners and a disc brake, and an old rear shock from an early YZ,It,s got plenty of ground clearence now but still the same old side stand so it looks like it,s gonna fall over,i have to watch where i park it.I love it in the mud, it will get thru anything and it will go all day with a full tank unlike a stroker.I had a one off exhaust made for it out of stainless and it sounds great

Shuzbutt,old geezer