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Glad to see that you have been enjoying yourself Cookeye. Pleased that Julie’s Duke has found a new home so easily, I am trying to sell my Triumph Herald at the moment and can’t find any buyers anywhere. Good little motor too!!

My mine biking fun came last night when my mate who has just bought a Mk1 RD350 YPVS let me take it for a blast (He was the lad looking for a 350 I posted about a couple of weeks back). Kin brilliant, remember why I love them so much. Rode like an idiot for 15 mins. Wot a buzz!!

Never had a CBR600 but have ridden a couple of them down the years and been impressed – I took Lings of Watton demo bike out for a right good thrashing way back in 1987 and saw 135 on the clock past the army barracks near there. Several mates have owned a variety of models and a good mate currently has a 98 German spec one. He is having some problems with the charging system and has dropped it once. But still pleased with it after 25,000 miles or so. What year is yours?

I have just heard of a GPz500 going for a good price, it has been laid up for a while. Like you, if I buy I will MOT it and try to move it on quickly.

What do you think of e-bay?