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No burnouts just wrong tyre for the day, i used a wet just incase it raind ,the grip it gave was a confadence booster but only lasted 100 miles or so.[:D]
The tyre was not new but was very good that morning.
The track i rode at was near swafam in norfolk 30 pound for the day wich started at 12.30 and finishes at 9.00 oclock if you can last that long. i think as ode said in a post its probly one of the best things a guy can do on a bike.
Itook my mate with me that sells the triumph parts, he took his boyer sealy triumph triple race bike so he could do some carb testing,he was given about 1,5 miles of runway to play on,on his own, he to had a ride on my bike, he told me he enjoyed my bike but cant chuck it about on tarmac like us boys that ride them all the time.

may no the airfeild as i belive he was ex raf man it is west raynham norfolk not far from castle acre wich itself is a very nice village