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Like the long post Cookeye! Cheers for the info and the background. Sound like a good crowd. as for the bikes I like 600 Hornets having ridden a Demo bike from C J Balls (near Hales on the Lowestoft road) a few years back.Reminded me of a really quick, well sorted Yamaha RD250E. Sounds weird, but they do. Bandits are brilliant. If you read my post “Try These” on good roads I mentioned my mate who rides a BMW. Before that he had 600 Bandit and he used to fly on it. Cracking tool. Sort of a later day GS550 with a bit of fie in its belly.
It won’t be this summer now but I will try and get down to East Anglia on the bike next year. Having a few employment problems at the moment. Working as a contractor on some short term work right now. need to get that sorted.
As you say all this from from a post about a bacon roll!!