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cross post by a friend and a bullet enthusiast… which I would say is pretty comprehensive about the bullet scene here :

Firstly I hope your dream of touring India on a motorcycle comes true
one day, India is a really beautiful country once you leave the
metropolitan cities aside:).And when I say beautiful , take my word

Now coming to the bikes.
Enfield has been around for a couple of decades now , and has hardly
made any changes to their basic model they had come out with.In our
Bullet community a rider known as Ashwin who is a very learned person
said in an article of his :
“To me, the Bullet stands for simplicity. A design that worked well
not because it changed to incorporate every new discovery at NASA,
but because the folks that designed it 50 years ago got everything
right the first time. And then didn’t try to fix things that weren’t
broke. It’s a bike that has built a reputation for being reliable,
simple to work with, comfortable to be with, and lasts a whole
lifetime. which is definitely a whole lifetime longer than the Japs,
who outdate their throwaway models before one has even paid the
second EMI.”
To read the whole article go to this link :

Bullets are a very reliable bike to tour the country in.And if you
take proper good care of it this bike would never let you down.
I have just come down from Goa and have also posted the article on it
but did not mention about the foreigners who ride around the city
over there.Goa is flooded with Bullets modified in all kinds of ways
but most of it is cosmetic upgradation the heart aka the engine is
untouched for the simple reason they are more than satisfied with the
power and torque the bullet pumps out.And like Vibhu said in one of
his mails , any road side mechanic could fix your bike without any
hassles.In long rides hardly anything can go wrong and you should
know if anything does go wrong what could it possibly be.
ONce you have decided to come to India and settle for a bike I shall
give you all the problems and the medicine to them which you could
face on the road.

Yes it is true that you have to pamper the bike a lot.Like Vibhu said
its a maintenance intensive bike, unlike the Hero Honda’s and other
brands available in the Indian market.

Ride Safe