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Mostly you’ll need your own but there are 2 places that I can think of that will hire you a bike.

Trax in Preston do a training day, where you turn up, they’ll let you use their bikes, leathers, boots, gloves & helmet, and they’ll teach you how to ride one properly. Eddie (the owner) is really fast too, so he knows what he’s on about.

Clews Leisure do a supermoto day using their WR250 0r 450’s, I think the tracks they use are Three Sisters (Wigan) or Rowrah (Cumbria). Again they can lend you all the kit.

If you want to have a go I’d recommend Trax, it’s always going to be pricey where you have to hire a bike & gear, but the track there is awesome and scary in equal measure (if you’re a dirt novice like me the berms & table top will scare you silly).

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